Top Tips for Choosing Online Therapy in the UAE 

Online therapy platforms

Benefits of Online Therapy :
Online therapy has been shown to be proven to work method for working on ones mental health, we have seen the growth first in the USA after covid19 where companies like BetterHelp and Talkspace have taken the lead in the United States. Today there is more than 100+ online therapy platform worlwide all designed for a specific country, however in UAE we have seen creative platforms that got established as major players that provide access to mental health services for uae residents or visitors in a uniquely shaped maner.

Choosing an Online Therapy Platform:

What should i look at when i choose an online therapy platform?
Consider aspects like region, choose an online therapy that has focus on your region, and provide access to licensed therapist within the country you’re resident in.

Is there online therapy platforms for uae?
Only one therapy platform is mainly dedicated for uae residents is icarewellbeing.

What are the available online therapy platforms in uae?
You can choose any online therapy platform you wish internationally, but if you’re looking for a tailored solution for your UAE icarewellbeing is the only 100% UAE focused online therapy platform.

in uae you can find many websites that offer online therapy services but not all of them are only tailored to UAE.

Overview of iCarewellbeing

When choosing an online therapy platform consider these major key players,
affordability, expertise of psychologist, care, matching system, time needed to be matched.

Affordability :

In UAE the most affordable option is iCarewellbeing with 90 AED per session

Expertise of Psychologist :

iCarewellbeing provides access to highly qualified and licensed professionals with a minimum of a master’s degree and at least three years of clinical experience. Each therapist undergoes a rigorous vetting process to verify their credentials and expertise in providing mental health services. Additionally, iCarewellbeing implements a rule requiring therapists to have at least one year of experience in telemedicine, ensuring they are proficient in delivering therapy online. These professionals hold valid licenses and certifications in their respective fields, ensuring that they adhere to ethical standards and best practices in therapy. iCarewellbeing prioritizes the quality and expertise of its therapists to provide users with the highest standard of care and support for their mental health needs

Care :

In terms of Care iCarewellbeing has shown great positive feedback from many patients

Matching system :

ICarewellbeing has a matching system that connects you to a therapist based on your mental health concern, making easy to work with someone who has proven to work experience in your specific concern.

Time needed to be matched :

You need 3-6 hours to be matched to a therapist.

Choosing a proper online therapy platform for your mental health journey is a crucial decision as it will help you avoid all the unnecessary hassle that you may face during your therapeutic journey, such as paying high price for the full period that can range from 1 month to even 2 years, and finding the right therapist makes the journey more efficient so a platform that matches you and give you the option to change therapist makes the journey more efficient.

Can i get free online therapy in UAE?
In UAE, You can’t get a full therapy for free, but icarewellbeing offers a first free 1 hour online therapy session, where you can talk to your matched therapist and choose freely if he or she is a good fit for you.

In Resume an online therapy platform is a mediator that helps you find a psychologist, in more effective ways, facilitating the process of choosing a therapist by matching you and making it more accessible to start a mental health journey from home.

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