Talk to psychologist in 5 minutes.

Icarewellbeing therapist Send ‘ connect to psychologist in 5 minutes’ and Watch The Magic happen.

How it Works?

1. Send The Launch Message in Whatsapp: “Connect to a Psychologist in 5 Minutes”

2. Fill a 3-Question Form for a Tailored Match: Answer three quick questions to help our system match you with the right therapist from the very first connection.

3. Payment – 90 AED for a One-Hour Therapy Session: Proceed with a secure payment of 90 AED for a full one-hour therapy session with a licensed therapist.

4. Receive a Link with Available Therapists: Once payment is completed, we’ll send you a link to a space filled with available therapists.

5. Swift Matching – Less Than 2 Minutes: Our system works fast – in less than 2 minutes, your first therapist match will appear.

6. Talk for 2 Minutes – Swap if Needed: Connect with your provider for the initial 2 minutes. If you don’t feel the click, you have the right to swap, not once but twice.

7. Session Locks After 2 Minutes: After the initial 2 minutes, the system locks the session, and you can fully immerse yourself in a therapy session tailored to your needs.

Enjoy your therapy session and take the first step towards improved mental well-being. Send ‘ connect to psychologist in 5 minutes’ and Watch The Magic happen.

Life gets tough, and waiting for help shouldn’t be part of the struggle. Connect with a psychologist in just 5 minutes for quick support during tough times. Here’s why it’s a game-changer:

Fast Help, No Hassle: Waiting for appointments is out, instant connection is in. Get support within 5 minutes, perfect for those moments when you need it most. ( Our service won’t work if your in dangerous situation we will advise you to use country hotlines)

Your Choice, Your Comfort: Pick a psychologist based on your comfort. Choose between male or female to make sure you feel at ease during your session.

No More Searching or Waiting: Skip the long process. No more searching endlessly for a therapist, scheduling, or waiting around. Quick and simple is our motto.

Loads of Options, Just for You: Our big network means more choices. Find the psychologist that fits you perfectly from our diverse team of ready-to-help professionals. You have two minutes to Swap to another therapist.

Easy Booking, Quick Pay: Booking and paying should be simple. Our streamlined process makes mental health support accessible for your busy life.

Safety First: While we’re here for quick support, your safety is our priority. If you’re in a dangerous situation, we’ll guide you to use your country’s hotlines for immediate assistance.

Connecting to a psychologist in 5 minutes – because quick help should always be safe and reliable.



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