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ICareWellbeing is registered in Dubai as a legal name of Icareformyhapiness and is located in Dubai Silicon Oasis DDP Building A2.

iCareWellbeing is a movement that cares about the progress of mental health and growth of mental health in the world.

It started first as making therapy more affordable than ever before while keeping it’s clinical integrity. It wasn’t an easy step it required passionated people that care about people’s mental health more than anything else.

Change is often one of the hardest things people avoid, but we see it as a powerful force for personal transformation. Our commitment lies in making therapy more accessible, flexible, and excellent, ensuring that individuals receive the care they need with compassion at its core.

Today, iCareWellbeing stands out as the world’s most affordable online therapy, providing top-quality care that has earned the loyalty of its patients, who continue to use it until they reach their therapeutic goals. While primarily serving individuals in the UAE, iCareWellbeing also extends its support to people across various countries.

The success of iCareWellbeing is not measured solely by the number of psychologists or patients but by the countless individuals who achieve their therapeutic goals and improve their mental health.

Leading this impactful movement is GM Mouhcine El Marnissi, whose unique personal journey inspired a life mission to enhance accessibility to mental health, destigmatize mental health in Arabic countries and globally, and actively contribute to ongoing research for better therapeutic approaches.

Behind iCareWellbeing’s affordability is therapist Victoria Anelo Eguilez, a visionary with an unwavering commitment to making mental health access free of cost for everyone or the most affordable ever while keeping it’s clinical integrity. Victoria’s goal is not only to eliminate financial barriers for patients but also to ensure better compensation for therapists, recognizing the investment of time and resources it takes to become a qualified practitioner.

In her pursuit of this mission, Victoria is actively working within the iCareWellbeing team to establish a model where mental health remains accessible at no cost for patients or the most affordable ever, while therapists receive fair and improved compensation. Her dedication to striking this delicate balance reflects a profound understanding of the financial challenges faced by both those seeking mental health support and the therapists themselves.

This transformative approach goes beyond traditional models, acknowledging the financial commitment required to enter the mental health field. By redefining the dynamics of affordability and compensation, Victoria is pioneering a path that not only makes mental health care accessible to all but also ensures the sustainability and well-being of the dedicated therapists around the world.

As a crucial member of the iCareWellbeing team, Victoria’s collaborative efforts underscore our commitment to reshaping the mental health landscape, iCareWellbeing acknowledges and appreciates Victoria’s tireless work in advancing this unique vision.

Our team comprises passionate individuals who embrace a philosophy of care and human-centric approaches. As we continue to grow, we welcome like-minded individuals who share our values and philosophy we invite you to apply to iCarewellbeing by emailing us here Changetheworld@icarewellbeing.com

Additionally, we express our gratitude and recognition to the compassionate, passionate, caring, knowledgeable, and flexible therapists who actively shaped the care standards we have today:

  • Kenda Fouad Barakat
  • Dr. Yassine Rassame
  • Naina Seth
  • Amina Waqas
  • Aisha Malik
  • Zayn malatjurka
  • Aparitja Sharma
  • Dr. Achraf El Alaoui
  • Victoria Anelo Eguilez
  • Dr. Adrien Garcia

The list keeps growing every day, and we thank everyone, including:

  • Sanchali Ghosh Dastidar
  • Dr. Aisha Awad Hasona

These individuals have played a crucial role in establishing iCareWellbeing as a provider of compassionate, human-centric, and passionate therapy services. We are grateful for their contributions and commitment to our mission.

The thank you goes also to our Technology team :

Maha El Amraoui played a crucial role in shaping iCareWellbeing, one of the initial believers in affordable and high-quality mental health care. Her dedication to building the platform connecting people to psychologists is remembered with gratitude. Rahumath Rumy and Parth Ganguly work daily to enhance your user experience, making the platform easy for you to use and connect with psychologists. Ismail Assoualma and Sasha Dastinda ensure the platform’s security, working diligently to safeguard your information. They, along with the entire team, reflect iCareWellbeing’s commitment to accessible, efficient, and secure mental health care. If you are a passionate and skilled IT senior coder and programmer, we invite you to join our dynamic team at iCareWellbeing! Contribute to our mission of making mental health care accessible and efficient by emailing us at Technology@icarewellbeing.com.

iCareWellbeing is a registered UAE company located in DDP Building A2, Dubai Silicon Oasis.


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