Online therapy

Is your go to solution for starting therapy. It’s an effective way to get mental health support from Psychologist.

Effective mental health solution

Talking to a psychologist is the best way to improve your mental health and get access to effective treatments like CBT.

Can online therapy help me?

Quick access to a psychologist for an affordable price make it easier for you to start therapy and commit to it which will result in improvement of your mental health.

Are mental health disorders real?

Feeling extended sadness,low in energy, difficulty sleeping, difficulty concentrating having thoughts that bother you a lot and urges to self harm yourself or others or any dangerous behavior are all real, right? Then those are mental health difficulties that need care and professional approach to be treated. You deserve peace in your mind.. not difficulties.!

Is online therapy effective as in person?

It depends on your preferences. Some find it better to feel the person next to them. Some find it more comfortable online.

Is stress a mental health disorder?

Stress isn't a mental health disorder itself, but chronically high stress can contribute to disorders like anxiety or depression. If stress disrupts your daily life, seek help from a therapist!

What is best mental health solution?

There is no single mental health solution. To improve your mental health several effective approaches exist, online therapy, mindfulness approaches, building strong social support system and lot of other some blocks that contribute to the improvement of overall mental health.

Why loneliness is high in dubai ?

Dubai is known for being home of many expats people going in and out makes it hard to make long lasting relations, and other issue is due to everyone need of showing he has the perfect dubai life which makes it hard for people to make new friends or be vulnerable about their current state but people still make strong connections in dubai as others understand it because everyone is one the same page.

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