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Mental Health in the UAE

Table of Contents:

  1. Overview of Mental Health in the UAE
  2. Changing Attitudes Towards Mental Health in UAE
  3. Mental Healthcare Services in UAE
  4. Accessing Mental Health Services in UAE
  5. Types of Mental Health Providers
  6. Specialized Services
  7. Prevention and Education
  8. Emergency Support in UAE
  9. Mental Health Clinics in Dubai and Abu Dhabi
  10. Therapy Costs in Dubai
  11. Therapy Costs in Abu Dhabi
  12. Therapy and Health Insurance in UAE
  13. Accessing Free Therapy in Dubai
  14. Alternative Mental Health Support in UAE

What is the state of mental health in the UAE? 
In 2020, a study found that 57% of people in the UAE suffered from at least one mental health disorder, with anxiety and depression and substance abuse.

What challenges does the mental health landscape in the UAE face?

The mental health landscape in the UAE faces challenges, particularly regarding the affordability of services and the stigma associated with mental health. Many people find it financially challenging to access care. iCareWellbeing is addressing this by offering online therapy services at an Affordable rate of 90 AED.

Are attitudes towards mental health changing in the UAE?
 Yes, attitudes towards mental health are gradually changing, with a majority of people in a 2019 survey indicating their willingness to seek professional help.

Did the UAE make any significant legal changes regarding mental health? 
In November 2020, the UAE decriminalized suicide and attempted suicide, marking a significant legal change.

What organizations provide mental health services in the UAE?
 Mental health services in the UAE are provided through various authorities, including the Ministry of Health and Prevention and the Dubai Health Authority.

How is mental healthcare structured in the UAE? 

The UAE has one public mental health hospital, Al Amal Psychiatric Hospital, while most services are offered through private clinics. Initiatives like community mental health clinics and virtual support groups have been launched to address mental health concerns.

How can individuals access mental health services in the UAE?

Public vs. Private Insurance:

  • Public insurance: Check your government plan’s mental health coverage and designated providers.
  • Private insurance: Review your plan details and network providers. Expect potential out-of-pocket costs.

Exploring Affordable Options:

  • Directly contact clinics or online therapy services: Research options and compare costs.

  • Government & Non-profit resources: Investigate subsidized programs or support groups.

  • Consider iCareWellbeing:

    • Affordable rates starting at 90 AED per session.
    • DHA-certified therapists for quality care.
    • Convenient online therapy sessions.

What types of mental health professionals are available in the UAE? 

Psychologists, psychiatrists, and therapists are available in the UAE. Psychologists focus on human behavior and non-medical treatment. Psychiatrists diagnose mental disorders and can prescribe medication. Therapists use various forms of therapy to help individuals cope with mental health challenges.

Are there specialized mental health services in the UAE? 

The UAE offers specific services for addiction treatment, eating disorders, severe mental health problems, and mental healthcare for children, young people, and senior citizens. Specialized clinics and facilities cater to these different groups.

How is mental health awareness promoted in the UAE?

UAE actively promotes mental health awareness through public campaigns, screenings, and education (led by Dubai Health Authority). Online resources and private initiatives (like iCareWellbeing) contribute, fostering a more supportive environment.

Are there emergency hotlines for mental health support in the UAE? 
A hotline is available for emergency mental health support in the UAE. The crisis hotline number for the United Arab Emirates is 800-4673. Or You can send a message via WhatsApp using 800-HOPE (8004673)


What are all the clinics that provide mental health care in Dubai and Abu Dhabi?

Dubai Barsha

Dubai Jumeirah Lakes Tower

Human Relations Institute & Clinics DMCC

Umm Suqeim

Abu Dhabi

Therapy Costs in Dubai

How much does therapy cost in Dubai?

Therapy costs in Dubai: in-person ranges AED 300-1000/session, while online is more affordable at AED 90-300. Find budget-friendly options like iCareWellbeing with online therapy starting at AED 90.

How much is a therapy session in Abu Dhabi?

In Abu Dhabi, therapy costs range from:

  • In-person: AED 300-1000/session
  • Online: AED 90-300/session (more affordable)

Consider options like iCareWellbeing for online therapy starting at AED 90.

What is the Unified Health Insurance System “Enaya” in Dubai?

Enaya is Dubai’s new health insurance system. It combines all the government health programs into one. This change aims to make healthcare better for people in Dubai.

How are medical services provided through “Enaya”?

Medical services under the “Enaya” system are offered through two companies, “Neuron” and “Almadallah,” ensuring comprehensive healthcare for beneficiaries.

Is therapy covered by health insurance in the UAE?

Yes, mental illnesses are recognized as being on par with physical illnesses by medical insurance companies in the UAE. Health insurance coverage may include hospitalization, therapy sessions, diagnostic tests, pharmaceuticals, and other related mental health services.

Which insurance companies in the UAE cover mental health services?

AXA Gulf, Daman, MetLife, and others offer mental health coverage. Specific coverage varies; inquire with insurers for details.

How does mental health coverage work in UAE health insurance plans?

Generally, UAE health insurance plans cover mental health services with provider networks, co-payments, and deductibles. Coverage details vary.

What is the cost of mental health services with insurance in the UAE?

Costs depend on the insurance plan, but generally, insurance covers a portion of mental health treatment costs. Review your policy for specifics.

What types of mental health treatments are covered by insurance in the UAE?

Commonly covered treatments include therapy, inpatient care, and psychiatric medication. Coverage varies by plan. Check your policy for details.

Do I need pre-authorization for mental health services with UAE health insurance?

Some plans may require pre-authorization. Contact your insurance provider before starting treatment to ensure coverage.

How do I claim reimbursement for mental health services with UAE health insurance?

Pay for services upfront, then submit a claim to your insurance company for reimbursement. Follow your insurer’s claims process.

What is the annual upper aggregate claims limit for this insurance package?

The annual upper aggregate claims limit, which includes any coinsurance and deductibles, is 150,000 AED.

What is the geographic scope of coverage for basic healthcare services?

Basic healthcare services are covered within the Emirate of Dubai, with the option to extend coverage to other emirates or countries at the discretion of the insurer.

Which insurance companies in the UAE offer comprehensive coverage?

Some insurance companies in the UAE offering comprehensive coverage include Qatar Insurance Company, Cigna Insurance Middle East, and National General Insurance Company PJSCNGI, among others.

Where can I find reliable health insurance providers in the UAE?

You can find reliable health insurance providers in the UAE, such as Union Insurance Company, Sukoon, and Al Saqr National Insurance Company, known for their quality services.

Which insurance companies provide health coverage in Dubai and other emirates?

Several insurance companies, including Dubai National Insurance Company, Islamic Arab Insurance Co. (SALAMA), and American Life Insurance Company (MetLife), offer health coverage in Dubai and other emirates.

Are there reputable insurance companies with competitive rates in the UAE?

Yes, reputable insurance companies like Noor Takaful, AlBuhaira National Insurance Company, and Orient Insurance PJSC offer competitive rates for their insurance packages in the UAE.

Who are the top health insurance providers in the United Arab Emirates?

Top health insurance providers in the UAE include Abu Dhabi National Insurance Company PJSC (ADNIC), Dubai Insurance Company, and National General Insurance Company PJSCNGI, known for their high-quality services.

Which insurance companies offer coverage for pre-existing conditions in the UAE?

Insurance companies like American Life Insurance Company (MetLife) and Cigna Insurance Middle East may offer coverage for pre-existing conditions. It’s advisable to check with individual insurers for specific details.

What are the best options for health insurance in Dubai and other emirates?

Some of the best options for health insurance in Dubai and other emirates include Qatar Insurance Company, Union Insurance Company, and Sukoon, known for their comprehensive coverage.

Where can I compare insurance plans from different providers in the UAE?

You can compare insurance plans from various providers in the UAE through their official websites or by consulting with insurance brokers who offer detailed comparisons.

Are there insurance companies with affordable health plans in the UAE?

Yes, insurance providers like Al Saqr National Insurance Company, Union Insurance Company, and Dubai Insurance Company offer a range of health plans with competitive pricing.

Which insurance providers have a limited network for health coverage in the UAE?

Some insurance providers with limited networks for health coverage in the UAE include AlBuhaira National Insurance Company and Noor Takaful, catering to specific needs.

What are the health insurance companies in Dubai?

What are the health insurance companies in Dubai?

 Health insurance providers in Dubai include:

What are the health insurance companies in Abu Dhabi?

 health insurance providers in Abu Dhabi include:

  • Abu Dhabi National Insurance Company PJSC (ADNIC)
  • Daman (National Health Insurance Company)
  • MetLife
  • Aetna
  • Takaful Emarat Insurance
  • Qatar Insurance Company

How can residents in Dubai access free therapy or mental health support?

Residents in Dubai can access free mental health support through various channels, including mental health counseling hotlines, government entities like the Ministry of Community Development (MoCD), and the Community Development Authority (CDA).

What are the alternative options for mental health support in the UAE? 

Alternative options for mental health support in the UAE include exercise, meditation, art, music, journaling, reading, and the use of mental health apps. Additionally, the UAE government has set up mental health counseling hotlines for residents and nationals to provide free support.

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