Who is iCareWellbeing

ICWB is your growth refill station, a place to get access to mental health advice FAST and efficiently.

At iCareWellbeing we care about DELIVERING RESULTS. And we like to do things FAST to get you started in no time.

Our pillars are : Hassle free efficient fast matching, highly flexible booking, starting therapy in no time.

‘therapy is a process and individual results may vary’

Our providers are AGILE, COOL, GOAL CENTERED.

Our vision is to become the faster stop for Proven to Work Mental Health solution.

Our pillar of success is our commitment and focus on provider clinical expertise

we believe in freedom with our matching system, we will match you to experienced therapist in any field you want, holistic approach, scientific approach, our goal is to center care to you in your uniquely shaped way.

Our job is beyond connecting to the right provider but we are working towards creating an efficient atmosphere for improved coping skills, increased self-awareness, better relationships, and reduced symptoms of mental health concerns.

To Craft this Brand we have Offered 1000+ Free sessions, we amassed 500+ monthly committed people to ICWB for more than 6 Month of care, built a 100+ therapist network that are licensed from most reputable healthcare authorities ,trained from healthcare institutions and have strong clinical experience.

we have been reviewed and referred by most of our people : find more about us here : https://www.trustpilot.com/review/icarewellbeing.com

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