UAE’S Most Affordable Online Therapy Service, staffed by Licensed Therapists, For only 90 AED Per Session.

We believe that healthcare can be affordable while maintaining its clinical integrity. By using our service, you are supporting our vision for a more affordable healthcare world. Together, step by step, we can make it happen.

We nourish your hope back

If you're ready for growth, change, and healing, iCareWellbeing is your trusted partner. Our commitment revolves around three core principles:




Begin your journey to healing.

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Trusted by Many, Loved by All: iCareWellbeing's Mental Health Revolution

At iCareWellbeing, our reputation as a trusted and beloved force in mental health is a direct result of our unwavering mission. We are committed to providing the world’s most affordable online therapy without compromising on quality, and the overwhelming love from our community speaks volumes:

500+ Monthly committed people to more than 6 months of therapy.

Icarewellbeing reviews

100+ Licensed therapist

Icarewellbeing therapist.

World's most affordable online therapy.

500+ Monthly committed people to more than 6 months of therapy.

Icarewellbeing reviews

100+ Licensed therapist

Icarewellbeing therapist.

World's most affordable online therapy.

iCarewellbeing is a UAE dedicated online therapy platform

iCarewellbeing provides access to highly qualified and licensed professionals that are capable of delivering high quality care for residents and visitors in UAE, they are equipped with a minimum of a master's degree and at least three years of clinical experience. Each therapist undergoes a rigorous vetting process to verify their credentials and expertise in providing mental health services. Additionally, iCarewellbeing implements a rule requiring therapists to have at least one year of experience in telemedicine, ensuring they are proficient in delivering therapy online. These professionals hold valid licenses and certifications in their respective fields, ensuring that they adhere to ethical standards and best practices in therapy. iCarewellbeing commits to quality and expertise of its therapists to provide users with the highest standard of care and support for their mental health needs

iCareWellbeing Licensed Psychologists, Provide Care Across Many Fields

Depression, anxiety, burnout
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To learn more about our therapists, visit iCareWellbeing Therapists page.

Explore how we connect you to a therapist.


Start by filling out a form that helps us match you with the perfect therapist.

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Complete the form based on your preferences and mental health needs. Legitimate information enhances your experience.

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Once matched, pick an appropriate time and connect with your therapist 24/7 through various communication modes.

At iCareWellbeing, our top priority is to connect you Fast to your therapist and help you enjoy multiple ways to stay connected with your therapist every day. Whether you prefer chatting during stressful work moments or having a comforting video call, we’re here for you.

This could be your journey with iCareWellbeing.

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Affordable online therapy changed their lives

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Icarewellbeing reviews

At iCare Well Being, you gain access to the best psychologists who approach their work with love, all at the most competitive price in the market. Our rates for licensed therapists are unmatched 90 AED for online therapy session of one hour.

You will be matched with a licensed therapist.

Seeing a psychologist helps you gain self-awareness, improve relationships, manage stress, boost self-confidence, and enhance your overall well-being. It’s about investing in yourself for a better, more fulfilling life.

Is a loved one going through a tough time?

A therapist may be just what you need

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