Aijaz Bhat

Trauma, abuse


Stress, Anxiety



About me

I am Dr. Aijaz, a licensed Clinical Psychologist by Rehabilitation Council of India (RCI) & Global Mental Health & Psychosocial Expert with more than a decade (13+) year of experience in International Humanitarian Sector. I have a huge experience of working with adolescents (boys & girls), adults (men & women), couples and families. My work experience has been with people having Stress, Anxiety, Depression, OCD, Trauma, Abuse, Addiction, Gender-based violence, Life transitions, Interpersonal relationship issues and lot more. I am well versed with brief and long-term psychotherapeutic approaches and can tailor sessions as per your needs. I support my clients to get fully functional in their daily life with peace and contentment. You will find me very kind, compassionate, caring & empowering therapist during your journey with me towards positive transformation of your wellbeing in a safe and confidential environment.



72.2 hrs




6 mins


My therapeutic approach

I am trained in various Cognitive, Behavioural, Narrative & Emotion based therapeutic techniques. To name some, I use Psychoeducation, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT), Acceptance & Commitment Therapy (ACT), Behavioural Activation, Trauma Focussed ACT, Narrative Exposure Therapy (NET), Cue Cantered Therapy (CCT), Emotion Focussed Therapy (EFT), Mindfulness, Meditation, Motivation Enhancement Therapy (MET) & Couples/Family Therapy Approaches. I have received these trainings in India, Europe, Central Asia & Africa.

My communication approach

My approach is Client centred & is based on kindness, compassion, care, understanding, empathy & professionalism. I develop therapeutic relationship with my valuable clients and provide them safe & confidential space to express themselves freely at their own pace and willingness. Time is respected & I keep myself available for the assigned date and slot for the session.

Professional experience

13+ years of practice

Mental health expertise








Teenage issues

Child-parent communication


Couples issue

Marital Discords

Family conflicts

Additional areas of expertise :

Mind-body communication through Yoga asanas

Carrier counselling


Parenting & attachment issue

Interpersonal communication

Separation AnxietY

Domestic problems


issues of guilt


Issues of Expat lifE




PANIC DISORDERS & Dissociation


Child Sexual Abuse,


self esteem


Mind-body communication through Yoga asanas, Carrier counselling, Anger Management, Parenting & attachment issues, Interpersonal communication, Personality problems, Separation Anxiety, Domestic problems, Issues of Guilt, Shame, Impulsivity & Infidelity. Issues of Expat life, Mood related issues, Panic attacks & Dissociation, Child Sexual Abuse, Social anxiety and fears, Self-esteem & Grief counselling.

Available communication modes
Spoken languages
License information

RCI CRR No. A66073

Availability (UAE Time Zone)

Monday to Friday: 09:00am to 07:00pm
Saturday to Sunday: 09:00am to 02:00pm / 6:00pm to 8:00pm

24th Feb 2024
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Sha24th Feb 2024
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Friendliness of your therapist 😁

In therapy sessions, I aim to strike a balance between friendliness and professionalism. While I maintain a warm and welcoming demeanor with my patients, I also uphold the boundaries of the therapeutic relationship.


I believe in setting clear boundaries from the beginning of the therapeutic relationship, outlining expectations for behavior and participation in sessions. However, I also understand the importance of flexibility and adaptation, as each person's needs and comfort levels vary.

Learn more about your therapist understanding of UAE Life

Understanding of UAE culture

Exploring the United Arab Emirates (UAE) entails learning about its rich social conventions, traditions, and values. The culture of the United Arab Emirates is a fusion of Islamic, Persian, Arabian, and East African components. Although English is commonly spoken due to the country's diversified population and economic globalization, Arabic is the official language. Islam is the most common religion in the nation and has a big impact on the music, fashion, food, architecture, and way of life. The values of hospitality and respect are highly prized among Emiratis. The UAE has a sizable expat community, which adds to the country's cultural diversity.

Understanding of UAE social mentality

The United Arab Emirates' (UAE) social attitude is influenced by both modern and traditional ideas. Family and community relationships are highly valued in Emirati society. The UAE takes great pride in its variety and tolerance for other cultures. It promotes the harmonious coexistence of many cultures and religions and is home to a sizable expatriate population. In the UAE, mental health problems are still stigmatized despite progress. The state of mental health in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) is an issue that is receiving more attention and advancement. The United Arab Emirates is making progress in raising awareness and providing better mental health services because it understands how crucial mental health is to the general health of its citizens.

Understanding of UAE unique challenges

Even though the UAE has improved access to mental health care, it is still difficult to guarantee that these services are available to all facets of the community. Both natives and foreign workers may have stress and mental health problems because of the fast-paced and cutthroat workplace. Numerous expatriates deal with stressors that might affect mental health, like job stability, cultural adjustment, and family separation. It's a constant struggle to meet young people's mental health needs and incorporate mental health education into the curriculum. The UAE's population most commonly suffers from anxiety disorders, depression, and substance addiction problems.

Understanding of UAE expats life

Living abroad in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) provides a unique combination of contemporary conveniences and cultural richness. The UAE is home to a large expat population, which fosters a multicultural atmosphere where a variety of languages and customs coexist. A good standard of living with contemporary housing, medical treatment, and educational resources is frequently enjoyed by expatriates. There are plenty of work prospects in the UAE's economy, especially in industries like technology, tourism, and finance. There is a thriving social scene that offers a wide range of activities, eateries, and events to suit different interests. Even while income in the UAE is tax-free, living expenses can be substantial, particularly when it comes to rent and education. It can take some getting used to the country's desert climate, which features scorching summers and moderate winters.

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