Free Online therapy Sessions

Disclaimer : While finding long-term mental health treatment for free can be challenging, some local organizations offer valuable resources. Explore options through your local crisis hotline or mental health resource centers (like ours: At iCareWellbeing, we believe the right therapist matters. That's why we offer a FREE initial consultation session to discover if our therapists are a good fit for you. Schedule your free session today!

Affordable online therapy options questions :

What's the cheapest online therapy platform in the UAE? While costs vary, iCareWellbeing currently offers the most affordable option with sessions starting at 90 AED, including a free initial consultation. Remember, affordability involves not just price but value and therapist expertise.

What do I look for in an affordable online therapist? Prioritize: Credentials: Licensed or DHA-certified. Experience: Specializes in your concerns (depression, anxiety, etc.). Communication style: Someone you feel comfortable talking to.

What are some affordable online therapy platforms available? Several online therapy platforms offer affordable options, and the "most affordable" option can vary depending on specific needs and location. Here are some popular platforms with starting rates for individual therapy sessions: iCareWellbeing: Starting at 25$ per session Talkspace: Starting at $65 USD per session BetterHelp: Starting at $60 USD per session

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